329 OSP Card

As of February 2019, Hawaii allows visitors from other U.S States and Territories, including the District of Columbia, to use their medical cannabis cards.  All out-of-state patients must register with The Hawaii Medical Cannabis Registry Program to apply for a 329 OSP Card.  You may apply for your 329 OSP Card 60 days prior to arriving to Hawaii.  The 329 OSP Card is valid for 60 days and provided to patients via email.
International Medical Cannabis Cards are not accepted at this time. 

Requirements To Apply For Your 329 OSP Card

  1. A valid medical cannabis card issued from any U.S. state or territory or the District of Colombia
  2. A valid government issued state id or driver's license from the same state as your medical cannabis card --- Note:  Passports, military ids, or any other ids are not accepted 
  3. Your medical cannabis card must be for one or more of Hawaii's Debilitating Medical Conditions
  4. Application Fee $49.50 - Non Refundable
Please visit the State of Hawaii, Department of Health, Medical Cannabis Registry Program for more information on registering for a 329 OSP Card for caregivers and minors under the age of 18.  Caregivers can enter a dispensary on behalf of a patient. Both patients and caregivers must register to receive their own 329 OSP Card.

Please be sure to respect Hawaii's Laws and  Medical Cannabis Use and Restrictions.  

  • Do not consume cannabis in public places including parks, beaches, and hotels. 
  • Consuming cannabis in a moving vehicle, including a school or public bus is prohibited.
  • Air travel with cannabis is illegal.  Visit one of the dispensaries on your destination island instead. 
  • General rule of thumb...If the entire property is smoke free, then registered patients can not smoke or vape medical cannabis anywhere on the property.
For more information, contact the Hawaii Department of Health.

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